Periapical X-Ray

Bite-wing x-rays detect decay between teeth and changes in the thickness of bone caused by gum disease. … Periapical x-rays show the whole tooth — from the crown, to beyond the root where the tooth attaches into the jaw. Each periapical x-ray shows all teeth in one portion of either the upper or lower jaw.
Periapical x rays are an essential part of dentistry, giving dental professionals a clear image of the entire tooth. This is a crucial part of diagnosing oral health conditions that cannot be found with a standard bitewing x ray. Periapical x rays allow you to see from the exposed crown to the end of the root, potentially finding a complication that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. They can be helpful in finding a number of different oral health issues, including impacted teeth, cysts, abscesses, and even tumors.
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